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Prophet Iginla insist that CRK should be left in the Nigerian school curriculum


Prophet Iginla insist that CRK should be left in the Nigerian school curriculum

Propeht Iginla Senior pastor at Champions Royal Assembly, expressed his thoughts on the removal of CRK in Nigerian school curriculum.

During the last sunday service in his church, Prophet Iginla stated categorically that Nigeria school children have the ‘freedom of worship’ which allows them to choose any religious subject to offer in school, be it related to Islam, Christianity or any other.

Stating the impossibility of removing CRK, he said:

“Just like other religion, it is impossible for Nigeria to be Christianized, that’s why I’m talking as a Christian that it is impossicant for Nigeria to be Islamized. There’s freedom of worship, worship your God and I worship my God. You can’t turn me from what I know. We are born to die and preach this gospel. If it takes laying our lives to stand by the gate, we will do. It is pathetic, how can you play politics with Religion? When you want to play your politics, play it around but leave Christianity out of it. How can you take CRK from the curriculum and you are saying it doesn’t mean.”

Further addressing the controversial removal of CRK from curriculum to be politically-marked with church activities and established to persist speaking against it until the words stand.

“Leave CRK, return back to the status quo. We will not keep quiet until CRK is maintained as a Subject. If you want to take IRK out of it or leave it, we don’t care but leave CRK in the curriculum. If you want to play politics, leave church and mosque out of it. Do your politics the way you want to do it. There are native doctors committing all manner of atrocities but they are not being attacked. They are doing rituals and blood money, yet their shrines are not visited. When you are looking for position, you come to church to canvass for election. Leave the church out of politics and I weep for Nigeria because of our spiritual fathers. Some of them are eating the grape of corruption”, Iginla expressed.

Recall, last week, the Minister of Education, Mallam Adamu Adamu denied any plan from the Federal Government to remove CRK from claiming  the Christian Association of Nigeria was deceived about the purported information.




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