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This will shock you! Read a Woman’s conversation with her mother in law


This will shock you! Read a Woman’s conversation with her mother in law

A woman who spoke to her mother in law about her marriage got the shock of her life.

This Whatsapp was shared with Relationship expert, Joro Olumofin. The woman wrote;

I am losing my mind. I am lonely and upset. I have been crying for weeks. I haven’t take a shower in 3 days my children are missing school. This is not the first time he’s doing it.

My husband has not been at home in 6 days now. He doesn’t even want to talk to me. The last time he left for 3 days but at least he was in communication with me. Then. Now hes not answering my calls and he’s active on social media. He blocked me so I won’t send him a message.

I used my friends page to view him. Joro we have 2 children together, what is this? I am so weak. I would have taken overdose if not for these children. To make matters worst his diabolical mother is now covering up for him and insulting me.

I have been tolerating her. I never knew she was this wicked. What do I do? I want to leave with my children and leave the house for him. I have my own money. I called his sister this morning who was also rude to me on the phone.

I married into a family of wickedness. I need to talk to someone. I can’t do this again. My son has been asking for his father. I am so weak. There’s this girl I think he’s with. She’s a corper but I don’t know her name or handle. I have been driving round to see where I can find him. God help me.”

Screenshots of the whatsapp chats below;

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